All-in-One Technology for Multiple Test Types

VETSCAN IMAGYST is an all-in-one technology, delivering artificial intelligence (AI) technology plus access to expert clinical pathologists within the Zoetis network

equine-fecal-image equine-fecal-image equine-fecal-image

AI Fecal Egg Count (FEC) Analysis

  • Accurate, efficient and shareable equine fecal results in ~ 10 minutes1
  • Up to 99% agreement between VETSCAN IMAGYST and board-certified parasitologist results1
equine-cytology-image equine-cytology-image equine-cytology-image

Digital Cytology Image Transfer

  • Results from clinical pathologists within 2 hours—saving time and shipping expenses2
  • Review of common cytology specimens, such as joint fluid, uterine culture, BAL and abdominocentesis

BAL=bronchoalveolar lavage.

All-in-One Compact Device

With a small in-office footprint, VETSCAN IMAGYST delivers a streamlined approach to AI FEC analysis and digital cytology image transfer

compact-scanner compact-scanner compact-scanner


parasite-detection parasite-detection parasite-detection



accurate-results accurate-results accurate-results


Add-on remote parasitologist review of AI results

A Zoetis clinical parasitologist can review AI results when requested

Consult with remote clinical specialists at no additional charge

Our global network of specialists is available to discuss results and a path forward for complex cases*

  • Using a compact scanner along with AI technology and a network of remote expert clinical pathologists, VETSCAN IMAGYST delivers efficient AI FEC analysis and digital cytology image transfer results, so you can make important treatment decisions sooner
  • As new applications become available, they will be easily integrated with existing VETSCAN IMAGYST testing capabilities

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*The use of VETSCAN® FUSE plus at least one Zoetis Diagnostics instrument or service, such as VETSCAN IMAGYST, required.

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