Provide intestinal parasitic care through efficient, clean detection means

Clean detection

The VETSCAN IMAGYSTTM Sample Preparation Device allows for clean and efficient collection and processing1

Pre-filled vials

Includes prefilled vials

leading to a clean process with solution that does not evaporate or crystalize

One practice visit

Scans the sample on the slide

and sends high-resolution images right to the veterinarian’s device within the time of one practice visit

Complements technician

Complements the work of a technician

by reducing the time needed to complete a fecal flotation test, allowing them more time to work on other patient tasks

Improved compliance

Hear from real practice teams benefiting from IMAGYST

  • IMAGYST empowers veterinarians to diagnose and treat in the same visit, increasing compliance and eliminating follow-up calls and appointments

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Reference: 1. Nagamori Y, Sedlak RH, DeRosa A, et al. Evaluation of the VETSCAN IMAGYST: an in-clinic canine and feline fecal parasite detection system integrated with a deep learning algorithm. Parasites Vectors. 2020;13:346. doi:10.1186/s13071-020-04215-x.

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