Algorithm Performance

The algorithm performance of VETSCAN IMAGYST closely matched that of an expert board-certified parasitologist in 2 studies1,3:

algorithm-performance-chart-new algorithm-performance-chart-new algorithm-performance-chart-new

95% Jeffreys confidence interval.

*Cat samples.

CI=confidence interval.

Recovery Performance

The egg, cyst and oocyst recovery performance of the VETSCAN IMAGYST compared to a conventional centrifugal flotation reference method in 2 studies1-3:



recovery-performance-chart-updated recovery-performance-chart-updated recovery-performance-chart-updated

Defined as the number of true positives and true negatives divided by the total number of samples.

All samples were read by an expert board-certified parasitologist.

§Cat samples.

CI=confidence interval.

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References: 1. Data on file, Study No. D870R-US-19-078, Zoetis Inc. 2. Data on file, Study No. D870R-US-19-008, Zoetis Inc. 3. Nagamori Y, Sedlak RH, DeRosa A, et al. Evaluation of the VETSCAN IMAGYST: an in-clinic canine and feline fecal parasite detection system integrated with a deep learning algorithm. Parasit Vectors. 2020;13(1):346. doi:10.1186/s13071-020-04215-x.

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