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NOW AVAILABLE: Equine fecal and cytology diagnostics

Algorithm Performance

The algorithm performance of VETSCAN IMAGYST closely matched that of an expert, board-certified parasitologist in multiple studies1-4

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95% Jeffreys confidence interval.

CI=confidence interval.

*Dog and cat samples combined.

Dog samples only. Trichuris ova not seen in feline samples.

Recovery Performance

The egg, cyst and oocyst recovery performance of VETSCAN IMAGYST compared to that of conventional centrifugal flotation reference method in 2 studies1-3:



recovery-performance-chart-updated recovery-performance-chart-updated recovery-performance-chart-updated

CI=confidence interval.

Defined as the number of true positives and true negatives divided by the total number of samples.

All samples were read by an expert, board-certified parasitologist.

§Cat samples.

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The diagnostic expertise of VETSCAN IMAGYST also includes equine applications

References: 1. Data on file, Study No. D870R-US-19-078, Zoetis Inc. 2. Data on file, Study No. D870R-US-19-008, Zoetis Inc. 3. Nagamori Y, Sedlak RH, DeRosa A, et al. Evaluation of the VETSCAN IMAGYST: an in-clinic canine and feline fecal parasite detection system integrated with a deep learning algorithm. Parasit Vectors. 2020;13(1):346. doi:10.1186/s13071-020-04215-x. 4. Data on file, Study No. DHX6Z-US-22-166, 2022, Zoetis Inc.

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